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Friend? Sister? Mother? Girlfriend? Wife? With curated period hygiene and wellness products, gifting a Scarlet Tales Kit is the perfect way to show them that you care.

Period Starter Kit

When your tween is ready to join the club, this will be the perfect way to initiate her into it. First periods can be tricky because there’s no saying when it will happen. That’s why a compact kit with natural pain management remedies and notes on hygiene is all that your child needs for a positive first experience.


  • Menstrual Guide - The dos, don’ts and the maybes
  • Organic Pads (14) / Tampons (16) - Because let’s face it, rashes are annoying
  • Pantyliners - Just in case
  • Intimate Wipes - Vaginal care is important
  • One Beauty/Wellness Product - The warrior needs to be cared for
  • One Healthy Snack - To balance out the junk
  • And other surprises!

Amount ₹ 500

Essentials Kit

When you’ve subscribed to periods, there is no cancelling. That’s why you need an Essentials Kit that will help you fight the mini-ninjas inside you. Every month. Covering everything that you need during your bloody days, the kit is designed keeping your comfort in mind.


  • Pads (14) / Tampons (16) - The real warriors at the battlefront
  • Pantyliners - For that tingly feeling
  • Intimate Wipes - Because we don’t want our visitors to stay for too long
  • Intimate Wash - To keep the pH balance in tact
  • One Beauty/Wellness Product - Because your skin parties too hard sometimes
  • One Healthy Snack - To munch away the pain
  • And other surprises!

Amount ₹ 350

Affection Kit

For some of us, it feels like four days of rising tides. That’s why the Affection Kit has been designed to help you when you are swinging like a pendulum. After thorough research, we have put together a kit with hygiene and wellness products that will alleviate your period mood in surprising ways!


  • Pads (14) / Tampons (16) - Sometimes, two won’t do the job
  • Pantyliners - You know it when you know it
  • Intimate Wipes - Honestly, you’ll feel better
  • Intimate Wash - Because there’s nothing like a vaginal cleanse
  • One Beauty/Wellness Product - Periods don’t mean you stop caring
  • One Healthy Snack - So you feel good about the junk
  • And other surprises!

Amount ₹ 800

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Curated period hygiene kits that aim at breaking the taboo around menstruation by just talking about it.
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