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What our logo means ?

The logo is divided into 2 halves - the silhouette of a woman’s face and a tulip bud. While the woman's face represents an Indian girl looking forward to the beginning of a new movement - of femininity, strength and power, the tulip bud shows raw potential ready to bloom - of perfect love, comfort and warmth. The logo colours signify varying colours of period blood. The sea of red shows an array of emotions - love, passion, purity, joy and celebration.


Akanksha Ladkat

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Akanksha pursued her under graduation in Business and Management from the UK. She has travelled around the world extensively and has shown a keen interest for theology. As a teenager, Akansha had to fight a myriad taboos around menstruation and other cultural practices. This drove her to understand the reach and genesis of such practices in the country. She understands the importance of a woman’s hygiene and strives to procure the right products to build an experience that will help menstruators all around the country.

This venture is a tribute to all the girls in this country to embrace and celebrate their womanhood. My dream is to build an army of independent and empowered women who take a stand for their rights.

Sachin Jain

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Sachin Jain, a third generation entrepreneur, decided to work for his family business after his undergraduate degree in Commerce. Even though he grew up with four sisters, he barely knew about menstruation until the age of 18. He believes that taboo starts from home in the way it’s been dealt with and Scarlet Tales challenges all those old methods by making menstruation feel like it matters. And it’s necessary that young men look at it that way and acknowledge it.

Scarlet Tales was an emotional decision which was made by being educated on menstruation through a college project. Something like menstruation cannot be ignored which is the beginning of life and there is nothing wrong in understanding how the body of 50% of the world’s population functions.

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When you’re on your periods, it’s a rampage. You don’t know what you are spending on and you end up spending more than you should. With a Scarlet Tales kit, say goodbye to scattered period purchases. These curated menstrual hygiene kits contain hygiene and wellness products that don’t just help you through your periods but also take care of your monthly hygiene and wellness needs. Get your kit now and get ready to practice socially-responsible periods!

Curated period hygiene kits that aim at breaking the taboo around menstruation by just talking about it.
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